Earny Data security & Cloud Policy

April 2022        

Software as a Service (SAAS) definition

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a form of cloud computing. The term cloud refers to the storage of the data in servers located in secured data centers instead of local machines. Saving and update of the data is done online in real-time and doesn’t require the user to save it on a hard disk. Instead, data is retrieved from the cloud, via an internet browser, either from a mobile device or a computer.

The SaaS system allows Earny to offer a pay-per-use model, meaning our clients pay a subscription fee based on the usage (amount of salary slips for example) instead of a license fee that does not take account of the actual need and utilization of the tool. We take care of updating the system with the latest and most secure technologies and make available the platform to our clients via a login and password.Earny servers are located in Switzerland and data is stored in data centers respecting the highest standards in terms of data protection.

How does Earny ensure data security?

Being a Swiss company serving Swiss SMEs, we chose to store the data of our customers here in Switzerland too. The data centers hosting our data are ISO 27001 certified, widely considered the reference in terms of data security standards. We enforce the security of the data transmission with the SSL encryption of the application and proceed with regular data backup. To make sure the data wouldn’t be lost in the occurrence of an exceptional event (natural catastrophe, destruction of the data center, fire etc…) the data is stored redundantly in data centers located in multiple locations in Switzerland. With this infrastructure, we maximize the performance of the system while preventing the loss of data.

How can you further protect your data?

We recommend changing the password every 60 days or less and using complex passwords that would be hard to crack.

Where is the data stored?

Data filled in Earny is stored in Switzerland. We can’t exclude that in the backup process, part of the data would transit with servers located abroad.


We guarantee 95% availability of the data outside of planned and announced updates that take place to offer our customers the best possible experience in the safest environment possible. Data restitution in the form of reports will be done in less than 15 days after the express demand of the owner of the data - the client. We store the data only as long as needed and delete it after the demand is expressed by the owner or after the termination of the contractual relationship.